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RJS Racing Equipment Combination 
(Driver Suite & Harness)
    (Driver Suite & Helmet)
          (Driver Suite, Helmet, Shoes)
                (Driver Suite, Helmet, Head/Neck Support unit)
NOTE: Driver Suite can be a; 1 piece, or Jacket & Pants)
HJC Motorsports Helmets        
       (AR10 and HX10 Carbon Fiber)

Product Engineering      
        (All Fuel Pumps Kits)

       (Any Racing Brake Kits)
Cash Back Program
Boteler Racing Products; Contingency Program was designed by a racer for racers and available to all participants in NHRA, IHRA, NASCAR, CART, SCCA, Indy racing, Off Road and Boat Racing. If you race it, you can get in on it! In order to take advantage of the full cash back program you must have paid regular price. If item was purchased on sale and it's on the cash back program you will receive a lesser percentage pay out or products will be substituted. Our program is not nor implied to be connected with any manufacture or other parts supplier programs. Contingency Program is non transferable. You must register to get in on the program ask your sales rep for details
We Make Racers Go Faster & Safer! TM
2024 Motorsports Contingency Program
Boteler Racing Products
Contingency rewards on (Pro-Blend, PowerPlus+, Lucas, & Remflex) are discount coupons for future purchases and free products.  
Drag Racing Tire Treatment
Pro-Blend Products Initial purchase 1 case (8 Items) mix / match

Tire Treatment Products
* PN# PB5000, PN# PB6000, PN# PB6070, & PN# PB 7000
Cooling Products
Icy Water PN#PB4030G reduces temps up to 28degrees
* 40 Below PN#PB4032 reduces temps up to 40 degrees
Engine Oil Concentrate
  Drag Race PNPB6074
*  Pro-Blend Racing PN#PB8080
Fuel Treatment
  CTX-2 PN#PB1650 (Circle Track Undetectable)
* Alcohol Top Lube PN#PB8400
Gear Lubes and Trans Additives
  Drag Racing Rear-End Treatment PN# PB6078
*  Drag Racing Auto Transmission Treatment PN# PB6076

Remflex Gaskets - initial purchase 6 gaskets sets can mix/match

Power Plus+ Products initial purchase 10 Bottles mix/match
      * Top Lube
      *  Fuel Fragrance
Power Plus Products
Lucas Oil
* Pure Synthetic Hi-Po Motor Oils (initial purchase 24 Bottles.
* Plus Petroleum Racing Oils  (initial purchase 24 Bottles)
* Any Racing Oil  (initial purchase 2 case)
* Any Racing Gear Oil (initial purchase 2 case)
* Pure Synthetic Gear Oil (initial purchase 8 bottles)
* Jr. Dragster Oil (initial purchase 12 Bottles)
* Octane Booster PN# LO10026 & PN#LO10725 (initial purchase 10 bottles)
* Engine Assembly Lube (initial purchase 8 bottles)
* S1 or S2 Racing Shock Oil (initial purchase 2 case)
Lucas Products
MPT Industries
MPT Race 20W Oil
MPT Race 50W Oil
* Racing Oil any weight 20, 30, 40, and 50 can mix and match (Initial purchase 24 bottles)
* ZDDP Additive (initial Purchase 6 bottles)
Wild Willy Fragrance initial purchase 10 Bottles mix/match
      * Fuel Fragrance
      * Top Lube
      * Traction Compound

Geddex - initial purchase 12 Bottles mix/match
       * Dial-in
       * Wheels Up
       * Burn out Guard
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