Water Pump
High Volume Pro Series Remote Water Pump
Works with 12 or 16 volts
7 Vane impeller
-12 AN boss O-ring inlet & outlet ports
Special corrosion resistant anodized finish
Continuous duty
1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
“Designed to cool the biggest engines and intercoolers”; for special applications where engine compartment size and/or cooling requirements dictate the use of remote water pump. Built from the same top notch components as our renowned fuel pumps, it is designed to produce a steady, high volume flow of coolant. A must for inter-cooled cars using a rear mounted water reservoir.
Must use Relay Harness for Installation
Pump $309.00  (shown) PE4700
Pump Kit $373.00  PE4700-01 (same features above plus)
2 ea. -12 AN inlet/outlet fittings
Dual Relay Harness
Wire Lables
PE4700 Pro Series Remote Water Pump
Why install a Vacuum, every race engine could benefit from the effects of applied vacuum
1) Improved piston ring seal
2) Reduced stress on reciprocating components
3) Relief of positive crankcase pressure
4) Evacuation of airborne contaminants within engine
Adjustable Vacuum Regulator
Racing Vacuum System
Shown with optional pulley and bracket
Up to 26" of vacuum
Proprietary 5 vane design
-16 A.N. inlet & outlet
Billet aluminum construction
Hard anodized components
HI-FLO boss O-ring fittings - included
Adjustable vacuum regulator - included
Continuous duty (perfect for Pro Street use)
1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
Vacuum Pump* (5 vane; up to 26" of vacuum)
                      PN# PE 10000-1
Racing Vacuum Pump 
U.S. Patent No. 6,325,602
Racing Vacuum Pump
Mounting Bracket Kit
Inlet & Outlet Fittings (-16 A.N. boss O-ring)
Adjustable Vacuum Regulator
Gauge Kit (liquid filled gauge, line & fittings)
Weld-On -16 A.N. Fitting
Vent Tank & -16 A.N. Fitting
Cog Drive Pump Pulley
Mandrel Assembly (B.B. Chevy, single pulley)
Cog Drive Belt (different sizes available)
   Technical Info & Frequently ask Questions for purchasing a pump or complete fuel system?

Questions you should ask yourself.
How much horsepower do I have now?
Will I have future growth in horsepower?
Is my vehicle a daily driver, a weekend cruiser or strictly a race car?

These are some of things we at Boteler Racing need to know when helping you with a fuel system. We can work together in providing the most cost effective and best fuel system for your vehicle.
Should I use my stock fuel tank or should I modify it by adding a sump?
What about a fuel cell?
If I use a fuel cell how big and what type should it be?
We can assist you in this area. Generally, if its a street car adding a sump would be best. The size of the fuel cell depends on the location and type of racing.

Where should I locate the fuel pump? Do I need to locate the fuel pump below the tank or cell for priming purposes?
Product Engineering fuel pumps do not need to be located below the fuel tank or cell. Your pump should be located in the trunk and not under the car where it is susceptible to moisture and debris.

Are fuel pumps moisture proof?
Most after-market electric fuel pumps are not moisture proof.

Should the battery be located in close proximity to the fuel pump?
Should I start the fuel pump through a relay system?
Yes, in both cases.

What size should the fuel inlet and outlet lines be?
Why do I need a bypass return line from my fuel pump?
Line sizes are dependent on horsepower and fuel pump size, normally its -12 in and -10 out. All Product Engineering fuel pumps require a bypass return to the fuel tank or cell.
Should my fuel system contain a filter?
Yes, and it should be located between the fuel tank or cell and the fuel pump, never after the fuel pump. Use a filter with a cleanable element, do not use paper element filters.

Where should I locate my fuel regulator?
Should it be "soft" or "hard" mounted?
All fuel and nitrous regulators should be "soft" mounted and located in front of carburetor and nitrous solenoids.
Product Engineering Logo
Boteler Racing Products is proud to offer the Product Engineering Brand. Because, their product of choice among racers and automotive enthusiasts who demand quality n' service. Product Engineering manufactures fuel pumps, regulators, nitrous fuel systems, racing alternators, anti-reversion plates, fitting, crankshafts mandrels, liquid filled gauges, filters, oil filter adapter, water pumps, and vacuum pumps.  
Sold Through Boteler Racing Products
410.236.3715 or 410.876.6851
* 5% off pumps, 7% off kits + Free shipping.
* 5% off  regulators, alternators, & water pump.
Exclusive Offers!
Only at Boteler Racing Products
* Contingency Program
* Shrink tube wire labels are included with PE1050 harness
Did you Know: A 10.0 second car needs a fuel pump that will deliver one gallon of fuel through the regulator and to the carburetor in about 20 seconds. An 8 second car needs a pump to deliver a gallon in 13-14 seconds.  
                     What's Yours?
To check your
fuel system; you'll need 1.5-2.0 gallon container & stopwatch. Disconnect fuel line to regulator place & hold it into container turn on pump and monitor time it takes to reach a gallon of fuel.  Keep away from any igniting source.               
We offer repair service for; C.N.C. Performance, Magna-Flow, Barry Grant, Pro-Flow, and Superflow Pumps & Regulators. Please call us for the Magna-Flow and Barry Grant models we service. *REPAIR WARRANTY IS 6 MONTHS
PE4830 Magnum Jr. Kit
PN4600 2-stage Racing F.I. Pump
Fuel Pumps, Regulators, Y Blocks
PN4400 Standard Racing Pump - Alky compatible, 7 vane impeller, up-to 2000hp, 460+gph, continuous duty
* Up to 43 psi
* 12 / 16 volts
* Adjustable #8 bypass
* 2 yr warranty &
$ 424.99

PN4800 Standard Racing Pump Kit Includes: Fittings, Harness, & shrink tube labels for harness  $ 499.00

PE4805 - Combo Fuel pump
$ 661.00
Same as above but includes filter
PE4900 Magumm Jr. - $626.00
PE4830 Magnum Jr. Kit - $703.00
PN4400 Standard Racing Fuel Pump
Pumps Require Relay Harness PN1050, only $49.00 when purchased with a pump

We recommend 28-30 psi for most pumps please refer to your installations instructions for your specific needs
This is the only pump designed exclusively for carbureted blow-thru engines. The maximum output pump for carbureted blow-thru applications up to 22 PSI max or 1500 horsepower. It can handle single or twin carbs! Although referred to as a 'racing fuel pump' this pump as well as all of our others, is perfectly at home on high-performance street cars. The custom built, heavy duty 3 " diameter motor is made specifically for continuous duty. The body is CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and hard anodized for exceptional wear characteristics. The 7 vane impeller promotes excellent priming and smooth flow. Its cleanable filter element is a synthetic mesh screen which free flows 4000 GPH.

We highly recommend using Dual 16 Volt Batteries
Must use Dual Electric Relay Harnesses
5% Off pumps & 7% off  kits plus free shipping
PN4550 Street F/Injection Pump
65 to 85psi metering Jets Included, 7 vane impeller, 12 or 16 volts, Cleanable Filter, Alcohol Compatible
-12 AN inlet/outlet, 2 year warranty & continuous Duty $ 649.99

PE4815 Street F/Injection Pump Kit
PN4600 2-stage Racing F.I. Pump
230 gallons per hour @ 100 PSI
60 - 115 PSI (pre-set) (approx.100 PSI max @ 12 volts; approx. 115 PSI max @ 16 volts)
(2) external -8 AN bypass (adjustable)
Cleanable filter, Alcohol compatible
7 vane impeller,Continuous duty
-12 AN boss O-ring inlet & outlet ports
2 Yr Parts & Labor Warranty
$ 1433.00

PE4820 - 2 stage F.I. pump Kit
$ 1513.26
PE4550 SFI Pump
PN4450 Combo Racing Pump
Same pump as the PN4400
Includes Cleanable Filter

$ 588.99
Fuel Regulators
Part# Description Price
PE9200 2-Port Fuel Regulator, #10 inlet, #6 outlets Includes Fittings $259.00
PE9200 BR 2-Port Fuel Regulator, w/ boost reference port Includes fittings $269.00
PE9400 4-Port Fuel Regulator, #10 inlet, #6 outlets $235.00
PE9400 BR 4-Port Fuel Regulator, with boost reference port $249.00
PE9700 2-Port Nitrous Fuel Regulator(Specifically for nitrous use) $225.00
PE9800 4-Port Nitrous Fuel Regulator(Specifically for nitrous use) $234.00
HI-FLO Series Regulator Systems
All Regulator Systems are available in black   
Bypass system available for single through multiple nitrous regulator applications (dual triple and quad regulator set-ups). Allows constant flow of fuel throughout the fuel system Maintains carb bowl pressure to within 1/2lb (reduces pressure spiking) Reduces system pulsation. Set pump and regulator pressure without engine running.
*All regulator systems include #10AN inlet fitting
Fuel Regulators
Placement & mounting of fuel and/or nitrous regulators is very important for optimum performance. All regulators should be "soft mounted" to isolate them from engine vibration. "Soft mounting" can be accomplished using rubber isolators or simply suspending the regulator from the fuel lines. In addition regulators should be mounted in front of or near the front of the engine whenever possible. This location will allow the low pressure fuel flow from the regulator to work with the G- forces when the car is launched.
PN# Descriptions Price
One-line Regulator Bypass 
Single Regulator Bypass
  3 Line Bypass 
  4 Line Bypass 
  5 Line Bypass
Fuel ByPass System
    Why use a Regulator Bypass System?

It allows for a constant flow of fuel throughout the entire fuel system, making the pump and regulator(s) more responsive to the demands.
Help maintain carb bowl pressure to within 1/2 lb.
Reduce pressure spiking & system pulsation.
Cool fuel is continuously circulated from tank to engine.
Installing a bypass system enables regulator and fuel pump pressure adjustments while the engine is not running.
PN# Description Price
PE9000 QuadraJet Regulator with Bypass System $369.99
PE9050-2P 2-Port Fuel Regulator with Bypass System * $374.74
PE 9050-4P   4-Port Fuel Regulator with Bypass System * $384.74
PE 9125 1ea 2-port Regulator, 1ea 4-port Nitrous Regulator w/ Bypass System * $699.99
PE 9150 Dual 4-Port Regulators with Bypass System * $718.95
NOTE: Must use with proper fittings, or warranty is void. These regulators use a short threaded fitting (sold separately). By using some aftermarket fittings they bottom out. Please ask sales rep. when ordering.  
5% Off on all Regulators
Standard Inline Fuel Filter
Shorty Inline Fuel Filter
Element capable of 2000 GPH (Free Flow)
Available with -6AN, -8AN, -10AN or -12AN end fittings
Dimensions 2" dia. x 6.5" long (-10AN inlet/outlet fittings)
Cleanable 60 micron element
Alcohol Compatible
Replacement Filter Element Kit
Canister Style Filter Element Kit Include: 
1 Filter Element
1 Large O-ring for filter top
1 Small O-ring for filter element top
1 Small O-ring for filter element top bolt stem
1 Stat-O-Seal
Standard & Shorty Inline Kits Include:
1 Filter Element
2 Lrg O-rings for filter body
Fuel Filters
Cleanable 60 micron element
Easy to Service -- Just remove nut and canister cap, and lift out element
Element capable of 4000 GPH (Free Flow)
Dimensions 7" x 4" x 3.75"
In/Out -12AN boss O-ring ports
Alcohol compatible
PE 4707 Mounting Bracket Available
Can be coupled directly to either the PE4400  or PE4500 pumps using the PE3011 coupler fitting
PN# Standard Filter Description Price
PE 7004   Fuel Filter, inline style, -6AN male inlet/outlet $86.75
PE 7005   Fuel Filter, inline style, -8AN male inlet/outlet   $86.75
PE 7006   Fuel Filter, inline style, -10 AN/-8AN male inlet/outlet   $86.75
PE 7007   Fuel Filter, inline style, -10AN male inlet/outlet   $86.75
PE 7008   Fuel Filter, inline style, -12AN/-10AN male inlet/outlet   $86.75
PE 7009   Fuel Filter, inline style, -12AN male inlet/outlet   $86.75
PE7000-12IL   Filter Element Kit $24.95
PE7001   Mounting Clamp $2.45
Canister Style Fuel Filter
Cleanable 60 micron element
Element capable of 4000 GPH (Free Flow)
PN# Canister Filter  Description Price
PE7002 Fuel Filter, canister style, cleanable 60 micron element $149.00
PE7000-12   Filter Element Kit $24.95
PE4707 Canister Filter Mounting Bracket $17.15
PN# Shorty Filter  Description Price
PE 7505   Fuel Filter, inline style, -6AN male inlet/outlet $86.75
PE 7506   Fuel Filter, inline style, -8AN male inlet/outlet   $86.75
PE 7507   Fuel Filter, inline style, -10 AN/-8AN male inlet/outlet   $86.75
PE 7508   Fuel Filter, inline style, -10AN male inlet/outlet   $86.75
PE 7509 Fuel Filter inline style -12AN-10AN male inlet/outlet   $86.75
PE 7510 Fuel Filter, inline style -12AN male inlet/outlet   $86.75
PE7500-6IL   Filter Element Kit $24.95
PE7001   Mounting Clamp $3.50
Liquid Filled Gauges
Liquid filled
90 day warranty
Liquid filled gauges
Wiring Harness PE 1050
braided steel bypass hose
Fuel Y Blocks
PN# Description  "Y" Blocks Price
PEYB626 One #6 Port / 2 #6 Ports $32.00
PEYB624 One #6 Port / 2 #4 Ports $32.00
PEYB634 One #6 Port / 3 #4 Ports $36.00
PEYB836 One #8 Port / 3 #6 Ports $38.00
PEYB654 One #6 Port / 5 #4 Ports $48.50
PEYB1038 One #10 Port / 3 #8 Ports Includes 1/8" NTP Gauge port $41.00
PEYB1028 One #10 Port / 2 #8 Ports Includes 1/8" NTP Gauge port $39.50
PEYB10210 One #10 Port / 2 #10 Ports Includes 1/8" NTP Gauge port $39.50
Fuel Pump Replacement seal kits
Ford Remote Oil Adapter
Racing Alternator 16 volt
Racing Alternator Kit, 16 Volt

16 Volt, 58 Amp 
Mounting Kits
Gauges, Mounting Kits, Relay Harness, & Remote Oil Filter
PN# Gauge Description Price
PE 3515 0-15 PSI, Liquid Filled, 1-1/2" dia., 1/8" NPT $28.50
PE 3560 0-60 PSI, Liquid Filled, 1-1/2" dia., 1/8" NPT $28.50
PE 3600 0-100 PSI, Liquid Filled, 1-1/2" dia., 1/8" NPT $28.50
PE 3620 0-200 PSI, Liquid Filled, 1-1/2" dia., 1/8" NPT $28.50
Pulley, 24 tooth, for Nippon Denso alternators
    $ 96.00
Pulley, 24 tooth, for GM alternators $96.00
Heim end adjuster, 3"  $50.47
Mounting Kits
Fuel Regulator Diaphragm
PN# Description Price
    Mounting Kits  
PE 4701 Flat Bracket  (for PE 4400, 4450, 4500, 4510, 4550 & 4600) $ 17.15
PE 4702 "L" Bracket $ 18.15
PE 4704 Rubber Isolators, large 5/16" NC Studs $ 27.50
PE 4705 Rubber Isolators, small  (for use with PE 4100 and 4300) 1/4" NC Studs $ 24.50
PE 4707 Canister Filter Mounting Bracket $ 17.15
PE 4708 Rubber Isolators (for Product Engineering Regulators) $ 13.85
PE 47MC Inline Fuel filter mounting clamp $2.45
PE 1050 Dual Relay Wiring Harness Required for pump installation HD 40amp relays. Includes: shrink tube wiring labels $ 54.39
PE 2600 Ford Remote Oil Filter Adapter kit: Billet construction,Anodized black, Screws onto inplace of oil filter,Fittings available 8AN x 8ST, 10AN x 8ST, 12AN x 8ST $159.00
AN3-14" Braided Bypass Steel Line
AN3-15" Braided Bypass Steel Line

  Replacement Parts  
BGP280 Replacement seal kits Barry Grant BG 280 Fuel Pumps $ 21.00
BPG400 Replacement seal kits Barry Grant BG 400 Fuel Pumps $ 22.30
PE9000-3 Regulator Diaphragm (HiFlow 2 & 4 port, replacement for 4 port BG, Magna Flow, SuperFlow, Pro-Flo, & CNC Performance $29.85

includes: instruction sheet
1 motor Shift Seal, 1Bottom Plate O-ring seal, 1 #8 O ring seal, 1 #8 O ring seal wide (bypass valve), 2 #12 O rings for in/out fittings, Compatible with: Magna Flow, Super Flow, Pro Flow, and CNC $21.30
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