Neon Standard Duty Race Tape
Angled Checkerboard Tape
Rubberized Non-Skid Tape
Standard Duty Race Tape
Non Skid Tape
Standard Duty Racer Tape: The original, multi-purpose colored duct tape. Comes in 13 brilliant colors, tears straight and easy.
2" x 30' $3.70 a roll or 2/ $ 6.99
2" x 90' $6.50 a roll or 2 / $12.00
2" x 180' $8.50 a roll or 2 / $16.10
Neon Standard Duty Racers Tape
Multi-purpose NEON colored duct tape. Comes in 4 brilliant neon colors, tears straight and easy.
[NY] Neon
Yellow  [NP] Neon Pink
[NG] Neon
Green   [NO] Neon Orange
2" x 30' $3.70 a roll or 2 / $ 6.99
2" x 90' $6.85 a roll or 2 / $12.00
2" x 180' $10.57 a roll or 2 / $20.00
When ordering specify neon color and Mix and Match c o l o r s !

30' PN# RT100[neon code] example:
green would be RT100NG
90' PN# RT200[ neon code] example:
orange would be RT200NO
Extreme Duty Tape
This highly aggressive and premium heavy-duty duct tape will succeed where other tapes fail. It's Superior tensile strength, clean release, and non-delaminating features make this tape a "must have".
Red O Silver O Black O White O
1" x 90' $4.50 a roll or 2/ $ 8.49 Black or Silver
2" x 90' $8.50 a roll or 2 / $15.49 Red, Black, Silver, White

PN# RT505[B,S] for 1 x 90             
PN# RT4001[R,B,S,W] for 2 x 90
Mix and Match c o l o r s !
PN# SDRT100[color code] example: green would be SDRT100G
Checkerboard Tape is a great item for all racers and their fans. Mostly used for decoration and to gain attention to all areas. It is a vinyl tape laminated with mylar and comes with a liner.
PN# RT5001 - 2" x 45' $  7.70 a roll or 2 / $ 14.49
PN# RT5005 - 3" x 45' $11.20 a roll or 2 / $ 21.29
PN# RT5011 - 2" x 45' $ 7.70 a roll or 2 / $ 14.49 Angled cut
Dull Finish / Gaffers Tape
The choice of pros! Dull Finish / Gaffers tape is a vinyl-coated cloth. Anybody who has ever used Gaffers tape, in place of duct tape, never looks back. Does not leave a sticky residue. Comes in 15 brilliant colors and has many racing uses, pit marking, emergency body and fender repair and waterproofing. The uses are endless!
2" x 90' - $ 10.05ea or 2 / $ 19.19
2" x 180' - $ 16.35ea or 2 / $ 30.99
Mix and Match c o l o r s !
Non-Skid Tape is the easy way to prevent slipping and falling with it's instant, self adhesive, and anti-slip safety surface. This heavy-duty long lasting material is defiant to all weather conditions. Temperature range -40 to 220 degrees F. Use on trailer ramps, stairs or walkways, dock areas, brake and clutch pedals,entrances.
RT8014 2"x10' $9.89 per roll or 2 / $ 18.09
RT8015 3"x10' $14.89 per roll or 2 / $ 28.09
RT8016 4"x10' $17.89 per roll or 2 / $ 33.09
Non-skid comes in sparkle black only.
Blue Hi-Temp Masking Tape is; Engineered for the Racing Fabrication Industry, our residue-free Racers Blue masking tapes hold up under extreme conditions. And is ideal for use in painting, metal fabrication and powder coating in the racing and marine industries. The high performance crepe paper masking tape can be used in medium temperature paint bake operations. Its designed to have strong holding properties to most surfaces resulting in sharp paint lines with solvent and latex based paints.
Available widths 18, 24, 36, 48, and 72 mm

Do not confuse this with blue painters tape, painters tape is painted walls and trim, woodwork and glass.
Rubberized Non-Skid Tape: This rubberized traction grip tape with a peel off backing is not as aggressive as our original non-skid tape. Has a smoother, soft rubber surface. Will not scratch or ruin boots, gear, or leather when used as a grip tape for off Road Motorcycles, ATV's, or Snowmobiles. Also great for bare feet traction on Docks, Boats, Jet Ski's, RV's and even bathrooms. Rubberized Non-Skid comes in a roll length of 7.5 feet and widths of 2" and 4". 60' length's also available. Rubberized Non-Skid is also a perfect solution for helping to prevent slips and falls on most industrial and commercial applications for pedestrians as well as being mop friendly. High strength peel and stick adhesive is made to last for years. Available colors are: clear or black.
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