MPT ZDDP Zinc Additive   reduces wear in camshafts and lifters in high-performance engines. American Petroleum Institute (API) approved motor oils currently contain less than 1/10 percent of ZDDP. Without ZDDP, modern day performance engines, as well as older engines with flat tappet valves, can experience premature wear, higher temperatures and premature engine failure because there is nothing to coat engine parts to prevent metal-to-metal contact.

By adding one 4 ounce bottle of MPT ZDDP Zinc Additive to 4 or 5 quarts of motor oil in your performance, off-road or industrial engine, you can increase ZDDP levels to approximately 1000-1100 ppm.

MPT-323 - 4-ounce   - $9.95 each
MPT-323D - "Three Pack" - $26.87
Fact 1: The word petroleum is derived from the Greek word "petra" which means rock, and the Latin word "oleum" which means oil.
Fact 2: The first place oil was pumped from the ground was in China over 2,500 years ago.
Fact 3: The first place oil was successfully drilled in the U.S. was in Titusville, Pennsylvania in 1859.
Fact 4: U.S. oil production is approximately 4.5 million barrels per day.
Fact 5: The average distance driven between oil changes in 2016 was 4,600 miles. Additionally, according to data compiled from the fast lube industry, 65% of all vehicles had an oil monitoring system in 2015.
Fact 6: Have you ever wondered how much lubricant is produced from a barrel of crude oil? According to the 2017 Lubes'N'Greases Industry Factbook, a barrel of crude oil produces an average of 44.9 gallons of products which include:

22.9 Gallons Of Gasoline
10.6 Gallons Of Diesel/Home Heating Oil
3.6 Gallons Of Kerosene Type Jet Fuel
2.0 Gallons Of Coke
6 Gallons Of Still Gas
1.4 Gallons Of Liquefied Refinery Gases
0.9 Gallon Of Heavy, Residual Fuel Oils
0.7 Gallon Of Asphalt And Road Oil
0.7 Gallon Of Petrochemical Feedstocks
0.3 Gallon Of Other
From the list above, only a fraction of a gallon of lubricant is produced from a barrel of crude.
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