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SFI Foundation
Boteler Racing Operations
P.O. Box 642
Westminster, MD 21158-0642

(410) 236-3715
Speed and performance racing parts
RJS Racing Equipment for:(drag racing, asphalt, & dirt) sold by; Boteler Racing Products your racing equipment online and track side store.                                                               
RECERTIFY  If you have a RJS Harness, Window Net, Driving Suit, Jacket, and or Pants that are out of date. We can help! Recertifications takes normally 7-12 business days from date received.
Do you know what you need?
Do You know what SFI & TPP rating means?
Did you know you can use a higher rating suit then what is required. Look at Chart below.
TPP value in the most important number, this is the time it takes before seriously burns occurs.
See chart
SFI Rating TPP Value Time to 2nd Degree Burn Description
3.2A/1 6 3 Seconds Single Layer
3.2A/5 19 10 Seconds multi-layer
3.2A/10 38 19 Seconds FR cotton Aramid & Nomex
3.2A/15 60 30 Seconds Nomex & Kevlar blends
3.2A/20 80 40 Seconds Nomex & Kevlar blends
Snell urges everyone to replace their Snell certified helmets routinely. It’s advisable to check with your race sanctioning body guide lines for the correct helmet. And if your helmet is damaged replace it! You can read more on SNELL at
Prices subject to change without notice.
Fuel System Items
       Fuel Cell Foam
* Gas(Black)
  PN#30152  $9.89
* Alcohol(Blue) 
   PN#30154  $23.09 
RJS Fill Hose
RJS 5 gal Fuel Jug
fuel cell foam
fuel cell foam
2 handle Fuel Jugs
black pn#20000105
white pn#20000106
red    pn#20000107
Blue  pn#20000108  
* Jug Cap
  pn#2000049801  $10.50
* Jug Cap Seal
pn#2000049802  $6.95
* Fill Hose Clear  
  pn#2000049800  $10.99
Powdercoated Steel Fuel Can
08 gal.- $153.99
11 gal.- $170.45
15 gal.- $186.99
22 gal. long- $219.99
22 gal. short- $219.99
32 gal. - $219.99
Economy Fuel Cells with Medal D-ring Cap   
Gal    PN#      Cost    
08 - 3006701 $131.99
11 - 3008501 $142.99
15 - 3010301 $174.89
22 - 3012101 $137.45 long
22 - 3013901 $179.29 short
32 - 3004901 $197.99
RJS Powdercoated Steel Can
RJS Economy Fuel Cells
RJS Aluminum Fuel Cells
RJS Aluminum Fuel Cells
Aluminum Fuel Cells with sending unit
3 Gal PN#RJS9212 $165.35
5 Gal PN#RJS9051 $137.45          
10 Gal PN#RJS9101 $162.79
15 Gal PN#RJS9161 $179.25 
20 Gal PN#RJS9211 $450.59
fuel cell caps
Metal D Ring
Metal D Ring
Plastic Vented cap
Metal D Ring
Cell Cap
PN# RJS30164
Plastic Vented
Aircraft Style Cap
PN# RJS30175
Metal D Ring
Cell Cap
Jr. Dragster Safety Equipment
Child Sizes are based on age
L&L Harness
Cam Lock Harness
$104.49 & PN600090169 Size XXS
              $25.99                              $ 37.39                                    $ 37.39
Jr Neck Collars
360 - $ 37.39
Horseshoe - $ 34.09
Auto Racing Gloves
Auto Racing Shoes
RJS Hi-Top Racing Shoes
Hi TOP Race Shoe
MID TOP Race Shoe
Jr Mid Tops $65.99
Sizes 1 - 4
MID TOP Pit Crew Shoe
RJS Driver Gloves
RJS Driver Gloves
$ 43.99
RJS Parachutes
RJS Pit Mats
HalGuard Dry Chemical
Dry Chemical, Halguard Clean agent, Maxout clean agent Call for Pricing
Note: Fire Bottles are considered  a shipping hazard therefore, an extra charge will be added.
Engine diaper
PN#22000901   $208.99 
Universal 11.5" x 47"
Maxout Clean Agent  HG250R
PN# Description Cost
RJSDTS10 10' DTS Steel Tubing   $39.99
NA Nozzle Adapter $5.99
TA Tubing Tee   $5.99
RJS15CA 15CA 15' Pull Cable $48.51
RJSTK5 TK5 5# Tubing kit 2-NO,@-NA, 1-1A, 1-DA, & 1-DT $40.00
RJSTK10 TK10 #10 Tubling Kit 3-NO,#-NA,2-TA,1-DA, 1-DT $67.96
MB Mounting Plate W/ Clamp $23.99
RJSNOFBZ NO FireBottle Nozzle   $18.72
RJSRC500PUL 5# Manual Pull SFI, Weight 9lbs, Length 17.20", Dia. 4.00" $409.05
RJSRC1000 10# manual pull system, aluminum bottle, dimensions 18.95″ X 5.25″, weighs 17lbs.bottle SFI $622.03 – $637.03
RJS Roll Bar Padding
3' Roll Bar Padding
$9.34 ea.
call for volume pricing
PN# Description Color Cost
RJS7000101 10' Sportsman 1" 4/15' Lines    Black $392.69
RJS7000103 10' Sportsman 1" 4/15' Lines    Blue $404.24
RJS7000104 10' Sportsman 1" 4/15' Lines    Red $404.24
RJS7000201 10' QUALIFIER 5/8" 8/15' Lines Black $444.66
RJS7000203 10' QUALIFIER 5/8" 8/15' Lines Blue $444.66
RJS7000204 10' QUALIFIER 5/8" 8/15' Lines Red $444.66
RJS7000301 12' CHAMPION 1" 8/22' Lines  Black $503.57
RJS7000303 12' CHAMPION 1" 8/22' Lines  Blue $503.57
RJS7000304 12' CHAMPION 1" 8/22' Lines Red $503.57
RJS7000401 12' CROSSFIRE 1" XL-8 Lines Black $560.16
RJS7000403 12' CROSSFIRE 1" XL-8 Lines Blue $560.16
RJS7000404 12' CROSSFIRE 1" XL-8 Lines Red $560.16
RJS Racing Communication Pro Elite
Free radio installation in helmet when ordered with a Helmet!
Racing Equipment
(Red, Blue, Black)
10x20- 18oz $274.99   
10x20- 22oz $285.99
10x30- 22oz $373.99
15x30- 22oz $538.99   
15x40- 18oz $637.99
non-sfi - #22000101 Black $153.99
non-sfi - #22000199 Aluminized $285.99
Sportsman $505.99
Pro Series $692.95
   Xtra Crew Sets Available
Race Gear Bag
SUPER BAG for Helmet, Suit, Shoes Gloves etc. $43.99 BLACK
Helmet Bag
Driver Suits
RJS 360 Degree Helmet Support
RJS Driver Equipment
Non-SFI Mesh Style     SFI Ribbon Style           SFI Mesh Style
Custom sizes available, call for pricing. Non SFI Mesh start at $38.45, Ribbon: Start at $20.95
NEW 360 Arm design allows for full range of motion. made with new light weight materials for your comfort and safety. box quilted. velcro belt and neck collar. pockets along both sides. made with fire retardant cotton. standard epaulets. sewn with nomex thread. black nomex cuffs and zippers. flexible sewn back for enhanced mobility.

RJS uses FR cottons and DuPont Nomex materials for our flame retardant apparel.  All of our suits are SFI approved and tagged. We make our one and two piece suits with high-quality Nomex thread, Nomex cuffs, and Nomex zippers for the best possible protection. RJS suits meet and exceed SFI 3.2A/1, 5, 15 and 20 standards and requirements, for all types of auto racing. You can get the standard RJS style or a custom design. Custom size and fitting also available.

RJS go-kart racing suits are made of a Cordura/nylon outer layer and cotton inner liner and padding on elbows and knees to provide abrasion protection.
RJS Cam Lock Harness
RJS 5 point racing harness in Latch & Link and Cam Lock are available in a multitude of colors, configurations, bolt-in or wrap-around all of which can be customized to your specifications. We also have a large number of standard combinations racing harnesses SFI 16.1 and SFI 16.5. Please call us 410.236.3715 for technical questions and to order!

RJS puts the same quality and craftsmanship into Off-Road and Buggy Belts that we put into our other harnesses, and even though they aren’t to be used for competition, they still must meet our rigorous requirements.

RJS exclusively designs and manufactures all of our lap belts. Just like our harnesses, we offer our lap belts in a great number of color and configuration combinations.

We offer many of our harness components and hardware, along with other harness accessories, to be purchased ala-cart, including floor mounting hardware kits.

RJS has gone to a great extent in providing quality racing equipment, especially in our belts, harnesses, and hardware. RJS manufactures our own hardware, which is made of high strength alloy steel. All webbing is applicable to military specifications and certified by testing laboratories. All of our equipment is designed to meet current SFI racing association requirements and specifications.
Open Face Helmets
360 Degree Helmet Support 
Red    PN#11000404
Blue  PN#11000403
RJS Elite Series Pants
● The latest design in racing pants
● New Nascar cuffing
● Available sizes are SM to 4X
● Custom sizes & color options available
● Elite rating: 3.2A/1, 3.2A/5, 3.2A/10, 3.2A/15, 3.2A/20
● Made with light weight materials for comfort and safety
RJS Elite Series Jackets
● RJS RACING ELITE the latest design in racing jackets.
● New 360 arm design allows for full range of motion
● Available sizes are SM to 4X
● Custom sizes and color options are available
● Elite rating: 3.2A/1, 3.2A/5, 3.2A/10, 3.2A/15, 3.2A/20
● Made with light weight materials for comfort and safety
"ELITE 1"  FR Cotton SFI 3-2A/1
* Jackets Start at $98.99 
* Pants Start at $82.45

* 2 PIECE Suit; Start at $181.45
"ELITE 5"  FR Cotton SFI 3-2A/5
* Jackets Start at $197.99 
* Pants Start at $186.99
"ELITE 15" FR Cotton SFI 3-2A/15
Jackets Start at $ 637.99    
* Pants Start at $ 626.99 
3-2A/1 FR COTTON Sizes: M - 4X    $230.99  
* 3-2A/5 FR COTTON Sizes: M - 4X    $329.99 
"ELITE 20" FR Cotton SFI 3-2A/20
* Jacket Start at $ 769.989    
* Pants Start at $ 758.99
Pro Series and Elite Carbon Fiber
Z-Tech 2A SFI 38.1 Black/Gray One Size Fits All  $285.08

Z-Tech 6A SFI 38.1 Black/Gray One Size Fits All  $356.36
Available sizes SM-2XL
● Surpasses Snell 2020 Rating
● Fire retardant Nomex lining
● Light weight fiberglass or carbon fiber construction
● Large openings for improved peripheral version
● Available in Gloss white, Flat black, Carbon Fiber
● SAH Designed accepts all head / neck restraint systems
● Side air vent available in fiberglass with colors of White,
Matte black and Gloss black
Z-Tech 6A SFI 38.1
Z-Tech 2A SFI 38.1
Harness Installation Instructions SFI
Link to Harness Installation Instructions from SFI
Recertify: Belts / Harness & Driver Apparel
RJS L&L Bolt-in belts

The cost to recertify SFI apparel is as follows + shipping:


NOTE: Suits must be cleaned prior to shipping or there will be a $59.00 cleaning surcharge.


Window Nets can also be recertified but, it depends on the net.


To get recertified call 410.236.3715!

Jacket & Pants
SFI Racing Harness system must be less than 8-years-old.
2. Must send the complete SFI racing harness in for re-certification.
3. All SFI racing harness systems can only be re-certified 3 times.
4. We cannot change the configuration of the SFI racing harness.
5. Must be an RJS brand or STT in order for us to re-certify
We cannot re-certify competing brands.
6. Latch and Link cost $50.00 and Cam Lock systems cost $75.00 (+ shipping costs)
7. Missing or damaged hardware will be replaced at an additional cost.
8. We can lengthen or shorten the SFI racing harness system at the time of re-certification.
9. You do have an option to change the color at the time of re-certification