Oil Stablizer
PN# Description Size Appl Price
PB1666V Mirror Finish: Doubles equip. life. Pour 1 can into 2 qts valve grinding machine. A good setup is Sunnen’s VR-603 Wheel and MB-30 oil. Eliminates wheel loading, sparking and chatter. NOTE: For exceptional surface quality, add 3 cans to CK-10 and 2 cans to Rod machine. 16oz.. Valve Grinding Aid, Titanium, Stainless, Stellite, Inconel, & other valves $29.69
PB2010 Posi-Flow 2000: Stops carbide burr clutter loading while porting, polishing, or machining aluminum. Forall boring, drilling, machining, cutting and surfacingoperations 32oz. Aluminum Machining Aid $35.54
PB2020 Posi-Flow 2000: Refined and perfected over several years at Mondello Tech. Lubricant is nearly odorless and non-smoking produces a perfect valve seat finish without chatter, sticking or non-concentricity. 32oz. Valve Seat Machining Aid $35.54
PB2030 Posi-Flow 2000: for Titanium, Stainless, Stellite, & other valves. Doubles equip. life, increases stone life and reduces temps. 32oz. Titanium Valve Grinding Aid $35.54
PB2040 Posi-Flow 2000: Designed for cylinder honing dramatically reduces RA numbers. Stops hone loading, reduces honing time and work surface temps. 32oz. Dimasheen Honing Aid $35.54
PB1710 Air Tool Lube: Instantly displaces and removes condensation. Reduces heat, corrosion, and stops foaming 4 oz All $8.36
PB1720 Anti-Seize: Squeeze bottle makes it a pleasure to use. Not effected by heat, moisture, salt water, or corrosion 4 oz. All $8.21
PB1730 Compressor Kool L-88: Reduce temps upto 52deg, eliminates condensation 16.oz All $3014
PB2105 Chain Lube: Dramatically reduces chain stretch and shock. Reduces wear on sprockets. Significantly reduces rolling resistance and doubles bearing life.
4 oz. Use in wheel bearings and cassette bearings. $6.25
PB2115 Kart Series Assembly Lube: Eliminates galling & oil starvation. Defies metal to metal contact. Dramatically reduces cam and valve train wear. 4 oz. Kart $9.56

Assembly Lube: Eliminates galling, bluing, metal transfer & oil starvation during break-in. Adheres to metal & will not drain off. It has a consistency of warm honey. Not a moly paste.     4 oz.

    8 oz.
all automotive

PB6080DR Drag Racing Assembly Lube:  Specially formulated for drag racing 4 oz. gas, alky, Nitro, turbo, nitrous engines $9.56
PB1602 Engine Break In Lube: heat & friction reducing formula creates a near perfect lubrication environment. Synthetic rings will seat correctly. 32 oz. 3 oz. per quart oil $18.69

High Performance SFG Grease: With Protek Lubricant Additive to provide protection against seizure & severe shock under Hi-load conditions. Adheres to metal providing protection against scuffing & scoring. Reduces heat and drag 14.5 oz Suitable for a variety of applications

Case of 10

PN# Description Size Appl Price
PB4030G Icy Water: Reduce temp up to 28degrees Gal All $49.95
40 Below: The item that started it all for Pro-Blend. Originally designed for NASCAR, it reduces water temps up to 40deg. 32 oz.
16 oz.
  Racing & Hi Performance street engines $27.85
PB4033 Stops Overheating: One of life’s lesser pleasures are sitting in traffic watching your temp gauge soar. However help is here developed for street use and based from our famous 40 Below. 32 oz. Street, towing, etc $27.85
PN# Description Size Appl Price
PB1600 HP Pro-Blend Racing: Cools up to 57deg. Reduces condensation in
gas/alky. Eliminates oil starvation, condensation, bearing failure, piston scuffing,
galling, bluing, metal transfer, valve train drag and foaming.
16oz..    All Racing

1 can treats upto 8 quarts
PB6074 Drag Racing Engine Concentrate: Cools up to 60deg, doubles valve
spring life, stops bluing & galling
16oz. Drag Racing $28.99
PB8012 Engine Cooler: Coats hot metal, cools up to 57deg. Eliminates dry starts,
compatible with regular or synthetic oils.
12oz. Towing $15.15
PB8060 Oil Stabilizer: Eliminates dry starts improves lubrication. Reduces; engine
ware, smoking, knocking, oil consumption, & can extends engine life.
Qtr. Street high mileage $14.81
PB8062 Racing Oil Stabilizer: Qtr Racing $14.81
PB8080 Protek Competition Lubricant: Cools up to 57 degrees. Eliminates oil
starvation, bearing failure, piston scuffing, galling, bluing, metal transfer, valve train
drag and foaming. eliminates condensation. Treats upto 5qts of oil
16 oz Circle, drag, blown, turbo, nitrous, pro-street & marine $14.95
PB8390 TFX-9 NASCAR: Add to high stress & HiPo engines. Cools oil up to 57
degrees. Eliminates oil starvation, bearing failure, piston scuffing, blueing, galling,
valve train drag, foaming & eliminates condensation
Gal.   Specifically Blended for  NASCAR Engines $251.15
PB8399 TFX-9 Nitro Additive: Add to high stress & HiPo engines. Cools oil up to 57
degrees. Eliminates oil starvation, bearing failure, piston scuffing, blueing, galling,
valve train drag, foaming & eliminates condensation
Gal Nitro & Alky Engines $251.15
PB9012 Diesel Engine Cool: Add to regular or synthetic oil. Reduces temps up to
57deg and turbo up to 25deg. Quiets engine noise too!
12 oz.   All Diesels $15.15
PN# Description Size Appl Price
PB4012 Trans Cool: Reduces temps up to 57deg. Stops excessive ware and makes old tranny’s shift smoother. Can help to increase gas mileage. 12 oz.. All 

PB6076 Racing Trans Cool: for high-stall converter 12 oz. All Automatic  $28.99
PB6078 Drag Racing Rear-End Manual Trans: Reduces temps, extends gear life, stops bluing and galling. On chassis dyno test gains where up to 4 HP 16 oz. All $15.15
PB8398 Pro-Tuff Gear Lube: Eliminates excessive heat and failures. Absorbs shock and loads. Reduces temps up to 50deg.  16 oz manual trans, rear ends, & transfer cases and Marine $14.81
PN# Description Size Appl Price
PB4000 Hot Lap-101: controls heat, helps tires last 30-50% longer, stay consistent during race, improves cornering speeds, decreases lap times, can soften tires. Gal.    Race $47.48

Hot Lap Victory Lane Super Quick for about 50 laps. Good for 4 weekends.
Hot Lap Victory Lane

  50 Laps $73.37

Hot Lap II - for  Reduces lap times 2-5 tenths, increase tire life up to Gal
  25 laps
Hot Lap 3 - Used to soften tires
Hot Lap 3
PB6070 1/4 mile Tire Treatment: Improve 60' times, tires run cooler and last up to
40% longer, Reduces ET up to 2 tenths
32oz. works on old
and new tires
PB7000 Tire Treatment: Reduces lap times 2-5 tenths comes on fast & won't go away
in 200 laps.
Gal   $174.60
LMT-Tire Treatment extends tire life & undetectable.  expect 1-3 tenths improvement.
LMT-Tire Treatment
Excellent for qualifying $107.08
PB7050 Tire Cleaner: removes mold and cleans new/used tires, opens pores to accept tire prep. Use night before race, helps tires "fire off" (meaning, get up to ideal temp). Qtr All $20.90

Hot Lap Pro Bite: Increases forward & side "bite"
Hot Lap Pro Bite:

Used as a TOPCOAT over other HOT LAP Tire treatments. $70.14

Fuel Treatments
Machine & Auto Shop Products
PN# Description Size Appl Price
PB1650 CTX-2 Undetectable: Up to 40HP. produces strong mid-range torque, very user friendly and consistent. Add 1gal to 4gals of racing gas ½ gal to 4.5 gals of racing gas really wakes up a 9:1 engine Gal. Oval Racing, great for qualfling $149.66
PB8400 Alcohol Lube: Blends with alky and nitro lubricates entire fuel system.
Eliminates chalking, powdering, etching, line clog, and pump failures Mix 3.5oz w/10 gals of fuel.
16oz. All Racing $24.49
Tranny and Gear Oil
Tire Treatment
Oil Additives
PB4012 Trans Cool
PB4031 40 Below
PB6070 1/4 mile Tire Treatment
PB5000 Hot Lap
PB8062 Racing Oil Stabilizer
PB8400 Alcohol Top Lube
ProBlend Chain Lube
Fuel Jug
Sold Through Boteler Racing Products 410.236.3715 or 410.876.6851
Pro-Blend coolants, lubricants, fuel additives, tire treatment, and specialty machine shop products
Track Tested and Street Driven
Keyser ProBlend
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