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Manhattan Oil Display Products
Manhattan Oil Display Products

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Fuel Fragrance or Top Lube $12.95ea ....For discount purchases buy, by the case! Mix and Match call for pricing!

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Power Plus Lubricants Formerly Manhattan Oil
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One 4 ounce bottle treats:
55 gallons of alcohol/methanol
20 gallons of gasoline or nitro methane
10 gallons of diesel

Blends clear, eliminates eye, nose, throat irritation, and harsh odors. Safe for all internal combustion engines. Safe for O2 sensors. Does not inhibit or enhance performance. For best results use in vehicles without catalytic converters. Works with any of our alcohol top lubes.
For additional cool scent mix cherry & vanilla or banana & vanilla

Each 16 ounce bottle of Top Lube treats:
55 gallons of methanol
100 gallons of ethanol
150 gallons of gasoline
250 gallons of Diesel

 Lubricates upper cylinder and fuel system

  •  Specially formulated top lube for alcohol, nitro, gasoline, and diesel use.

  •   Reduces top end friction and prevents corrosion and gelling.

  •  Superior ring seal for more compression and increased horse power.

  •  Safe for injectors, O2 sensors and catalytic converters.

  • Power Plus 4 Cycle light racing oil
    Power Plus 4 Cycle HD Racing oil
    Power Plus Hot Oil Additive image
    Power Plus 2 Cycle Oil 100% Synthetic image
    Power Plus 2 Cycle Kart castor/synthetic racing oil
    Power Plus 2 Cycle Motorcycle castor/synthetic oill

    Developed to provide the highest degree of performance and protection possible. It reduces negative drag, excessive wear and high temperatures. Dyno testing has proven significant horsepower increases. Power Plus allows engines to accelerate quicker and turn more RPM's on the top end. This permits taller gear ratios for better lap times/ET's due to its advanced lubricant stability. On average, head temperatures run 15-30 degrees cooler. Power Plus can be used in all climates in both small and large engines using methanol, gasoline or nitro methane. Power Plus is extremely clean leaving no major carbon deposits and allows for superior ring and valve seating for more compression and power.

  •   Increases acceleration and RPM's
  •   Reduces negative drag and eliminates excessive wear and high temperatures
  •   Increases compression, power and engine life
  •   Faster Lap Times
  •   Use in methanol, gasoline and nitro methane
  •   Allows engines to develop more horsepower
  • For use in modified 4 stroke engines.
  •   Allows engines to develop more horsepower.
  •   Increases acceleration and RPM's
  •   Reduces negative drag and eliminates excessive wear and high temperatures
  •   Increases compression, power and engine life
  •   Faster Lap Times
  •   Can be used in methanol, gasoline and nitro methane.
  • 4 oz bottle- 2 oz treats 10-14 oz of crankcase oil
  •   Slips past rings for improved combustion
  •   Passes burn test, not sniffer legal.
  •   Recommended for small engine use
  • Formulated for race kartkart
  •   Extends engine life
  •   Increases horsepower and reliability through reduced friction
  •   Quicker lap times
  •   Eliminates excessive plug fouling, excessive carbon deposits and exhaust smoke
  •   For gasoline use
    A revolutionary 100% Synthetic 2 Cycle Oil developed for high stress demands. Its superior capabilities of reducing friction gives the ultimate in performance and protection. The clean characteristics of Power Plus 100% Synthetic are unmatched eliminating plug fouling and dirty deposits.
  • Castor/Synthetic 2 Cycle Oil is the net result of many years dedicated to research and development. It assures peak performance and extends engine life through its high film strength, heat seeking, friction reducing base stocks. Track testing has proven Power Plus Castor/Synthetic to yield quicker lap times over other brands of oil.
  •  Extends engine life
  •  Increases horsepower and reliability through reduced friction
  • Quicker lap times
  • Specially formulated for use in alcohol fuel. Can also be used in gasoline.
  • Power Plus Top Lube 12.95 each  call for volume pricing

    Formerly Manhattan Oil, Top Lube and Fuel Fragrances for alcohol/methanol, Nitromethane, gas, and diesel engines. Power Plus Top Lube 16oz. bottle treats 55gals. of methanol or nitro fuel. Eliminates cylinder wash-down and excessive wear.  A Real Crowd Pleaser, fuel fragrance comes in several fragrances. It eliminates fuel odors that can be nauseous, irritating to eyes and nose. Packaged in 4oz bottle it treats 30gal. of fuel. 
    I even use in my Kerosene heater in the garage