In the beginning, Forrest a truck driver and Charlotte owned a hairstyle salon and when they got married, became owners of a nationwide long haul trucking fleet.

Given their personal experience first-hand; of break downs due to heat & stress on the trucks they saw a need for better lubricants and fuel treatments. So Forrest and Charlotte started Lucas Oil Products in 1989, producing a premium line of oils, greases and problem solving additives. Through an innovative R/D program and aggressive marketing programs, Lucas Oil established itself as a top selling additive line in the trucking, automotive, industrial and agricultural markets.

And to further establish themselves Lucas developed a line of high performance racing and gear oils. The racing products have proven themselves in NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA, USHRA and ATPA.

They continue to develop and refine their products and recently, came out with the "Hot Rod Classic Oil" for the Hi-Po engines of yester-year that needed the ZDDP additive for the flat tappen cam engines.

Lucas Gear Oil SAE85W-140
Lucas Engine Oil Additives
Since 1997

Slick Mist PN#LO10160: polymer paint gloss intensifier; spray on a wet or dry surface wipe off. Can be used on glass, chrome & vinyl decals too. 

Interior Detailer PN#LO10514: spray on wipe off cleans & protects plastic, vinyl, leather, rubber & metal. Works great on household furniture too!

Tire & Trim Shine PN#LO10513: Removes dull grey oxidation from bumpers, tires, plastic, or Rubber & Vinyl Trim.

LO10001 Oil Stabilizer: 100% petroleum formulated to eliminate dry starts, reduces friction and heat.

LO10130 Synthetic Oil Stabilizer: Use in new equipment which requires synthetic oils.

LO10278 Eng Oil Stop Leak:  additives designed to stop seal leaks in engines. It Works!

Lucas Hot Rodders Oil with ZDDP
Lucas Hydraulic & Booster Stop Leak
Lucas Racing Gear Oil

Racing Products

"It    Works!"

Detailing Products

Lucas 20w-50 Plus Oil

Hi-Po Synthetic Racing 20W-50  provides consistent viscosity for ET racing. Blended with an additive package with anti-seize agents that controls drag but protects metal like heavy multi-viscosity oil. 
�10179 - Syn. SAE 0W-30
�10082 - Syn. SAE 5W-20
�10049 - Syn. SAE 5W-30
�10050 - Syn. SAE 10W-30
�10054 - Syn. SAE 20W-50

Lucas Jr. Dragster Oil 5w_20
Lucas L9 Racing Gear Oil

L9 and L10 Racing Gear Oils: Excellent thermal stability & longevity. Formulated with anti-wear, lubricity agents and a additives to control heat.
L11 Racing Gear Oil: Provides excellent thermal stability and longevity. Special additives to control wear, drag and heat.

*L9 10456– Differentials & Transmission

*L10 10460– Transmissions

*L11– Quick Qualifier Gear Oil

  • 10538  -  1qt.
  • 10539  -  5qt.
  • 10547  -  2.5 gallons
  • 10540  -  5 gallon pails
  • 10541  -  55 gallon drum

Lucas Oil grease 
A true high temp/low temp friction-free racing grease for qualifying and racing. Extreme friction reducer to minimize drag. G3 Racing Grease outperforms Kluber, Chevron, Mobil, Dupont.
10484 - 10 Pack - 14oz.

Lucas Transmission Fix

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Lucas Oil Products

Detailer Kit PN#10558 includes: Speed Wax, Interior Detailer, Tire & Trim Shine, free microfiber towel and a tire sponge.    $22.49

Boteler Racing  is proud to offer Lucas Oil Products. When you think of racing oil or caring for your daily ride the #1 brand is Lucas, because......