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64 Ford Fairlane rear bumper
Stock Rear Bumper PN# FT64RB  $252.00
Shipping not included in price, parts shipped via truck freight. Note; parts can be picked up at shop or at shows. Pick-up at show items include: (doors, hood, bumper, & trunk lid).
Factory Style Doors
PN# FT64DR2     $679.99 pair
Hardware & windows not included
weight approx. 15 lbs ea
Complete Fiberglass Body 64 Fairlane
Complete Fiberglass Body 64 Fairlane
Fiberglass Body  PN# FT64BDF
* Hand laid material to our specs
* Quality Controlled though each step
      $5300.00 Fiberglass Body Features:
* 100% Made in the USA
* Rear wheel wells stretched slightly for slicks
* Fiberglass Body weight approx: 150 lbs (+/-)
Complete Fiberglass Body 64 Fairlane
Complete race cars in chrome molly tubing are available. See pic below of current car in-progress, certified for 6.0          Price depends on options
driver compartment 1964 Ford Fairlane
64 Fairlane
front view 1964 Ford Fairlane
The year, 1963 a dealership named Tasca Ford from East Providence, RI and a racer Bob Tasca was running a '62 Fairlane stuffed with a 406ci engine that captured Ford Motor Company's attention. So, these two forces joined together to create a heart throbbing; adrenalin rushing, black top pavement roaring 427ci 425 horsepower, 4sp transmission test car. It became known as the king daddy of them all "The Ford Thunderbolt", and the rest is history. This gave Ford the opportunity to run with the MOPAR Max Wedge and the soon to be released Hemi. The old saying "Win on Sunday sell on Monday"

The first production, in late '63 eleven cars were built at the Dearborn plant as a Fairlane 500 2 door sedan and came in burgundy with tan interior and delivered to Dearborn Steel Tubing (DST). DST was chosen to do the conversion work to build these cars into full-fledged drag beasts. They were completely dismantled for the transformation and built minus sound deadener, sealer, insulation, no radios, heaters, or rear side window cranking mechanisms and the side windows were Plexiglas. With an optional 289/271 engine, which was later used in the Mustang GT. The car came equipped with a 427 High Riser race engine with unique ram air induction system, dual four barrel Holley carburetors, 12 to 1 compression ratio, tubular headers, aluminum scatter shield, four-speed transmission, 9" rear, drag suspension, trunk mounted battery, electric fuel pump, heavy duty brakes, tachometer, gauges, special wheels and drag tires.

Nine were done and presented to the drag teams at the same time. All of these cars were identical, except for one automatic. It was driven by Paul Harvey and sponsored by Bob Ford in Dearborn. Tragically, it was destroyed in a crash after being sold in 1965, killing the driver. If this was not demolished it would be a very valuable Thunderbolt today.

The second and third production runs were created slightly different. They were NOT assembled at the factory but, rather transported to DST in pieces to be assembled there. This made the production easier and cost effective. A total of 100 units were built. The price tag was $3,780 for the 4-speed and $3990 for the automatic. Of those original Thunderbolts, there are approximately 60 still in existence.
Remembering "The Sixties"-hot pants and hot rods, black and white TV, the Andy Griffith show, songs of puppy love and cars-we rocked n' rolled to Elvis, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys on AM radio. No Ipads or cell phones. If you were in high school, your thoughts were of Friday night football and Saturday night cruising and racing.

The Year; That Shaped a Hot Rod Generation and Drag Racing, the 427/425hp Ford Thunderbolt beats in the heart of every drag racer! This was a specially prepared lightweight drag vehicle capable of running low 11's in the 1/4 mile.
Front Bumper Available Summer 2018
thunderbolt Fiiberglass front end
Factory Style Tear Drop Hood
4" Tear Drop $299.99  PN# FT64FHD4
5" Tear Drop $329.99  PN# FT64FHD5
     approx. item weight: 12-13.5 lbs
* 100% Made in the USA 
* Hand laid material to our specs
* Quality Controlled though each step
* Tear Drop opening is cut out in back
* Light weight for racing & strong enough for street
* Designed to be pin on / off
Note: * Do Not use hinges and springs.
         * Does not come with screens.
Factory Style Trunk Lid
PN# FT64FTL $239.99
* 100% Made in the USA
* Hand laid material to our specs
* Quality Controlled though each step
* Light weight for racing & strong enough for street
* Designed to be pin on / off
* Weight approx: 15lbs (+/-)
Note: * Do Not use hinges nor springs  
Fairlane Tear Drop hood
Tear Drop hood
Fairlane Trunk Lid
Thunderbolt Trunk Lid
              Front End
4" tear drop hood $1589.00   PN# FT64FE4 
5" tear drop hood $1649.00   PN# FT64FE5
* 100% Made in the USA
* Hand laid material to our specs
* Quality Controlled through each step
* Hood is removable for access to engine bay
  and does not have screens.
* Bumper is molded into nose & tucked in on sides for aerodynamics
* Front end will accept original grille & lights
* Weight of piece approx. 35lbs (+/-)
Note: designed for a tube chassie race car or a car that has been modified, call for details.
Lite weight Ford Thunderbolt fiberglass parts; front end, doors, hood, rear bumper, trunk lid, and complete body manufactured by Gary Matthews Race Cars...designed and built for the racer & street enthusiast! Each piece is 100% made in the USA, hand laid material to specs and quality controlled through each step . So when you get the items its ready to be mounted, prep, & painted. 
At Boteler Racing Operations
We're making the Ford Thunderbolt Great Again!                           
1964 Ford Thunderbolt
Front Bumper  will be available Summer 2018.

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