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Drag Racing Demographics
Value Proposition: Sponsors can achieve a proprietary position within the sport, generating a sizable impact and critical mass for a fraction of the cost of other motorsports properties
Personal household demographics
Scarborough USA+ - Release 1 2019
Boteler Racing Home Page
The following demographics, shows the importance's of using Drag Racing in your marketing plan. The drag racing fans are loyal to companies that support their sport. Their choice spans the consumer products, from fast food to the grocery stores. From buying a radio to sophisticated electronic equipment
Advertising through our race team is perfect for companies both automotive and non-automotive to meet their marketing goals. The family atmosphere during an event is the cornerstone of the sports continued growth which transfers to dividends to your company and Boteler Racing can help you to meet those goals.
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Fan Base (18+)
Fan Base
Fan Base (25 - 54+)
One of the best marketing platforms to reach key male demographs, reflect the middle class and a sizable amount of NHRA fans have strong technical / vocational skills
Fan Base; Other Interest
Fan Base (Diversity)
NHRA delivers a better motorsports marketing platform than NASCAR to reach a younger, more diverse audience that is also more likely to have a blue collar occupation.