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Site was developed to sell racing parts / accessories at affordable prices and to show case my 78' Ford Fairmont in NHRA & IHRA competition.
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is for visitors interested in advertising their products & services through the race team. Learn more by clicking on links History, What is Drag Racing, Marketing Plan, Race Team Info, & Drag Racing Demographics. Think of us as your "Promotional Marketing Arm" TM

Note: Race team, all racing equipment, race car, trailer, and tow vehicle is privately owned and not part of the retail business.                                                   
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* Nov 11th Swap Meet MDIR
On This Date in Automotive History:
*Nov. 14, 1945 - Tony Hulman buys Indianapolis Motor Speedway from WWI Ace Eddie
* Nov. 18, 1960 - Chyrsler dropas the DeSoto name plate from its lineup
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EPA removed race cars from the proposed new clean air regulations but, the racing community must still support the RPM Act. Go to
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